Leaky Tap Syndrome

Going ‘digital’ doesn’t get you off the hook. Hey, yes that sudden freedom – you can snap away without worry – may not quite be what it seems. With analog you’d be hard hit spending your frames like that, certainly, but going digital well it’s not free either.

Question for the day. How many digital images are worth one film image?

A digital image may not cost much, but you’ll agree with me that it costs something? And would you agree that, generally, you take many, many, more digitals than film? Probably. The other day I filled up a whole 512mb of memory, and deleted the whole lot!

I think, in all, I have at most 200 rolls of film collected since my first camera at the age of 15 ( loverly old mechanical Nikon FM), that’s just over 20 years ago! Some of those images were published and essentially paid for themselves.

Ok, so the point being here that every little digital picture takes up a teeny bit of electricity, often spent without result, i.e. thrown down the drain. And. every time your battery runs dry, well you plug it in and the mains gradually tops it up. It’s kind of like a leaky tap, after a while it leads to an enormous loss of water, as Thames Water will warn us in times of drought. (It must be noted that Thames Water themselves lose huge amounts of water from leaky old victorian pipe, they fix a leak every six minutes. Naturally they don’t hesitate to charge us for their problem)

You do pay for your electricity, I hope? So tell me, if you added up all the images you took and chucked away in the life of your digital camera, how much would it have cost you, and how much was completely wasted?

I think we all suffer from Leaky Tap Syndrome, in more ways than one. Drip, drip, drip.

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