All woodcuts are signed, numbered and carefully made by hand, using oil-based inks. I print on a variety of Japanese Kozo (mulberry) papers and Nepalese Lokta paper.

The Nepalese Lokta paper is handmade with a warm creamy color. It has ‘earthy’ irregularities, flawed but beautiful in a natural way. It is made by Nepalese women from the bark fibre of Lokta, a plant which grows in the Himalayan foothills. 60gsm.

White Kozo (mulberry) Japanese paper is 90% Kozo / 10% Alpha Cellulose – with 1 smooth side and 1 textured side. I print on the smooth side. Nice contrast against the white. 70gsm

Taizan is a thin but very strong creamy colored Japanese paper. 65% Kozo (mulberry),10% Hemp, 25% Alpha Cellulose. Beautifully tanslucent. 30gsm